We all go through different stages in our personal lives and careers. Sometimes getting to where you need to be means being open to transformation, and applying focus and effort. Often it takes an objective third party with the skills and expertise to help block out the noise, and focus on the most important issues. That’s where I come in.

As an executive coach and image consultant I work closely with organisations and private clients to facilitate personal and professional transformation, helping them align their goals and personal brand with the complexity of a successful life at work and home. I have a passion and strong track record for growing talent and helping others to discover and achieve their fullest potential.

In my image consulting practice I do this in a number of ways, including private image consultations and corporate workshops. I help clients to raise their profile, and increase their executive presence, confidence and influence; to reflect a signature style and personal brand that is in line with where they want to be.

In my coaching work I focus on accelerating leadership growth and performance, enhancing personal impact, and assisting individuals to actively navigate career transitions.

If you think I could help you, I’d love to hear from you.